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Menus by Milonic!

SZ is dead... REVIVE IT :)
Posted by Tenchi_My on Monday, April 09 @ 15:59:09 (9460 reads)
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NewsDetails here:

Where is everyone? I check the forums almost every day and theres nothing new to talk about. Come on guys, let's get the 'Zone hoppin again.

Also, you guys hear about the Spyder cup? Its a free tournament and all you have to do is buy paint (at $50 a case, thats not that bad. I've seen much worse). The winning team gets 4 Hummer H2s, one for each team member, and one for their local shop. The major catch is that everyone has to shoot...

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Outlaw Paintball by Steve

Test There are a lot of different ways to play this game of ours, but there is one particular "flavor" of paintball that really gets my engine going, and that flavor is Outlaw Paintball. What is Outlaw Paintball? Lots of people use the term, but here is it's meaning to me: Outlaw Paintball is a paintball game played at an informal field, with no field fees, referees, prepared courses or chronos. The best Outlaw Paintball fields are right in the middle of developed suburban areas, so they a...

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